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A luxury watch is not only a treasure to be owned and cherished, but also a very smart investment, with many watches from the world’s top luxury watch brands increasing in value over time. When purchasing a luxury watch, something many people try to forecast and give some thought to is the value of the company and the watches they produce. That being said, the golden question among many of the most seasoned watch collectors is which watches increase in value the fastest. While this remains a difficult question to answer, in this article our experts at give you a breakdown of two watch companies we believe are the best at collecting value.


Ask any person what their dream watch is, and odds are they’ll say Rolex. As the world’s most well-known luxury watch company, Rolex is a company that there is always a demand for, one of the most important aspects when it comes to the value of a watch. Not only does nearly every Rolex watch appreciate in value over time, but they do so quite quickly as well.

Some say the reason for this demand is the perfectly executed marketing by Rolex. At many of the most watched sporting events, including tennis’ Wimbledon and golf’s U.S. Open, Rolex is the official timekeeper. And if it’s not your favorite sporting event that Rolex has a presence at, then it’s on the wrist of your favorite celebrity. As a result, there is a high level of recognition which is great for the value of a watch.

Besides the aspects of demand and recognition, another very good reason as to why Rolex watches increase in value quickly compared to other companies is because Rolex is also very trusted. People understand that Rolexes are some of the most reliable and functional watches available, so the fact that they’ll last a lifetime is a big factor as well.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another luxury watch company that tends to increase in value a lot faster than many other luxury watch brands. Despite it not having the same global presence and recognition as Rolex, Patek Philippe boasts a quality that not even Rolex can match up with: exclusivity.  

Patek Philippe is a favorite among watch collectors, specifically because these collectors understand just how difficult it is to get your hands on one. Even before paying a hefty amount of money for a Patek Philippe, it takes quite a bit of time to find one in the first place. This exclusivity not only keeps the price high, but makes it increase in value very quickly as well.

Each Patek Philippe is handcrafted in their facility in Switzerland, with some of their watches taking up to 8 years to create. Each watch is a work of art in its own right and is crafted with the highest quality possible. With only a limited amount of watches being available each year the demand always stays high with Patek Philippe, and the price always goes up.