Trends in Watch Design: What's Hot in the World of Timepieces
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Whether you’re a collector or you are looking for a designer watch to increase your accessories collection, there are plenty of options to choose from. No matter how small or large your collection of watches happens to be, it’s always fun to add another. If you use the latest trends to help you decide which timepiece to choose, it pays to watch the year’s hottest looks. Keep reading to find out what 2023 is saying about the world of watches.

Retro Revisited

Watches with retro and heritage-inspired designs are having a new moment this year. That means finding a watch that is smaller in size, but that also complements your fashion choices. There are several options available, including those that mimic the old-style design with manual winding, as well as mechanical watches that hold a throwback appeal.

If you’re on the hunt for fashionable watches that still deliver function, look no further than a retro piece. Of particular interest are watch designs from the 1990s, whether it’s a chain band or a black leather strap. Both Seiko and A. Lange & Sohne have released watches very similar to those they produced in the 1990s.

Colorful Dials

Thanks to the big watch name, Rolex, color is the star of the show in 2023. From blue dials to a green dial to a purple dial or even a white dial, this trend enables you to choose a sophisticated timepiece with a little bit of personality. Colored dials are not new, but seem to be taking off this year, so you won’t e sorry if you add something with a black dial, or any color of the rainbow to your watch collection.

Gray is Here Too

Colorful dials are something to keep your eye out for, but shades of gray are also hot this year. This color is considered glamorous and elegant and brings style to casual outfits or dressier looks. That means you can take a gray watch from day to night with ease. Any watch trend hunter will tell you that finding that perfect shade of gray, whether it has leather straps or is constructed from recycled steel, is the ideal way to enhance your timepiece wardrobe so it’s modern and trendy.

Look for Titanium

While titanium has been used for years to create a variety of different watches, it seems to be replacing stainless steel in many designs. In fact, many big names in the watch industry are creating their watches entirely from titanium. That means that if you want a specific model constructed from stainless steel, you may have to find a pre-owned one. Luxury sport watches, like those from Tudor and Omega are ones to keep your eyes open for if titanium is a material you’re interested in.

Two Tone Metal

trends in watch design

Bimetal watches are making a statement in 2023. That includes a multi-purpose sports watch, as well as watches for women and oversized watches for anyone. Two-toned timepieces were trending in a big way back in the 1980s, but they are back. The Tudor Black Bay model is a great example of bringing this back and creating a trend edit that many watch collectors are excited about. After all, if David Beckham wears a two-tone watch, why wouldn’t everyone?

Some original versions combined titanium and rose gold, but today’s modern bimetal watch might be a mixture of stainless steel and yellow gold. Pink gold and white gold are other metals that might appear in modern two-tone watches. Whatever the combo, this is a hot trend that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Traveler Watches for a Budget

It’s no secret that many GMT watches are pretty pricey. While they aren’t new in 2023, finding affordable options is. That means there’s more variety to choose from and you won’t be restricted to just one or two watches. Some of the newer GMT models feature automatic movement, making them a practical and functional addition to your watch collection.

A GMT watch looks great and adds to your personal style but is also quite handy if you spend a lot of time traveling across time zones. You’re going to love what a GMT watch can do for you, especially at a price that fits your budget.

Quartz Makes a Statement

Serious watch collectors may try to stay away from quartz watches, but they are seeing an increase in popularity this year that has any aficionado wanting one. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to get one. Brands like Maurice Lacroix and Junghans create affordable but show-stopping quartz watches that you are going to love. You might even see some of these quartz watches combing trends by featuring a hot pink color palette or a salmon dial.

Gold Lives On

trends in watch design

When it comes to the gold version of many watches, popularity isn’t going downhill anytime soon. In fact, the gold Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 is perhaps the most popular watch this year has to offer. Its fully gold design is timeless and elegant, something that any watch collector wants to embrace. Other brands, such as Rolex, are also releasing all gold watches this year. If you don’t already own a yellow gold watch, now is the time to shop for the perfect addition to your collection.

Upgraded Smartwatches

When it comes to watches, the smartwatch continues to evolve and meet the needs of its modern and savvy wearer. Some people simply don’t want to wear a fitness watch and would prefer to have something more sophisticated and classy.

Now you can find a smartwatch that counts your steps and connects to your smartphone, but looks professional and elegant. From square watches to luxury sport watches, you can’t go wrong with a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch.

Skeleton Dials

What makes a skeletonized dial so great? They give you a view of what’s happening inside your watch. Being able to see the dials as your watch operates is enjoyable, but the unique look of the watch is a great addition to any collector’s set. Big names like Zenith offer an outstanding skeletonized dial that is the perfect blend of industrial style, coupled with the function and form that makes a watch desirable. Other brands that offer some of 2023’s best skeleton watches are Fossil and Tissot.

Collaboration with Your Car

What if you could pair your watch and your car? For those who love to geek out on this kind of collaboration, 2023 is your year. A luxury purchase like a Range Rover that has collaborated with Zenith or a Lamborghini in collaboration with Roger Dubuis is a status symbol that any serious watch collector can get behind. If you can imagine a watchmaker design a car or vice versa, you can envision what this trend is all about. In some cases, you can only purchase the watch if you buy the car, but you won’t be sorry with either.

Divers for a Budget

In addition to finding more GMT watches for a smaller budget, 2023 is also bringing divers at affordable prices. Among the sporty chronographs, this is a specific watch for a specific purpose, which means the price is often much higher than other watches. A diver is used, as the name implies, for diving to deep depths without altering the function of the watch.

Mid-level brands are creating divers with smaller price tags so they are accessible to more wearers, whether you’re a diver or you just want one to round out your collection. Look for affordable options from Hamilton and Luminox.

If you want to more fully immerse yourself in the world of timepieces, consider attending the Watches & Wonders exhibition in Geneva in 2024. Not only will you get to see examples of these trends, but you can also get a jump start on finding trendy pieces that fit with the trends of next year.

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