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If you’ve invested in a luxury watch, you’ll want to make sure you keep that investment safe. And that’s especially true if you have a collection of luxury watches. If you have more than one luxury watch, you’ll need somewhere to store your valuable timepieces when they’re not being worn; a place that not only keeps your watches free from dust or damage, but also one that keeps them safe from theft. So, what’s the best way to keep your luxury watches safe? Where should you store your watches when they’re not in your regular rotation?

Store Your Watches In A Home Safe

A home safe is one great option for storing your luxury watches. There are many different types of home safes, from small and inexpensive ones to larger and more secure safes. There are even safes that are specifically designed to store watches.

Larger, more heavy duty safes are the better option for storing luxury watches. They’re harder to open and too heavy for any potential thieves to easily carry out of your home. If you’re considering using a smaller safe, remember that they might be quite easy for a potential burglar to pick up and leave with. If you do decide to go with a smaller safe to store your collection, choose one that can be affixed to the wall of your home. That way, at least it would be more difficult and take longer for a thief to remove the safe, hopefully allowing for more time for them to be caught in the act or give up on trying to remove it.

   Store Your Watches In A Safety Deposit Box

Using a safety deposit box to store your watches is perhaps the best way to keep them safe. Banks have a level of full-time security that is ideal for keeping your valuables safe. Renting and using a safety deposit box at your bank is a simple process that only costs a small annual fee. And most safety deposit boxes come with the option of insuring the contents of the box, which you should be sure to do before you start using yours.

While using a safety deposit box is a very secure method of storage, some people might find it irritating to head to the bank regularly to swap out their timepieces. Still, if you have a watch that you know you won’t wear for awhile or if you’re going on a long trip, the peace of mind you’ll get knowing your watches are secure will be well worth making that extra trip to the bank.

 Insure Your Watches

If damaging, losing, or having your luxury watches stolen would be a financial strain for you, you should seriously consider insuring your pieces. If your watches are lower-end or entry-level models, the cost of losing them might be covered in a simple home and content insurance policy. But if you have some exceptionally valuable luxury watches, that might not be enough. To make sure your watches are covered by your insurance, you could contact your existing contents insurer and get them each itemized and added to a current policy.

Another option would be to get an insurance policy from a jewelry insurance specialist. Jewelry insurance is perhaps the best option for insuring your watches, especially if you have pieces in your collection that are extremely rare or considered collectibles. Specialists in jewelry insurance understand the complexities of the value of luxury jewelry and will be able to handle your case better than a standard insurer could, should something unfortunate happen.