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A luxury watch is a timeless accessory— and in many cases, an excellent investment piece. However, not all luxury watch brands are easy to resell. Certain brands are in higher demand than others, which allows them to sell more easily and for better prices. So, which luxury watch brands come out on top on resale value? Let’s take a look at the top ten brands, starting with the three best bets.

The Top Three: Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe


Rolex is perhaps the most highly desired watch brand in the world. Because of this, Rolex watches tend to be quite easy to resell, no matter the make or model. And certain Rolex models are considered particularly rare or desirable, which allows Rolex owners to get excellent prices upon resale.


Cartier watches are known for their elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. As with Rolex, this high regard has ensured that Cartier watches are always in demand, making them very easy to resell.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a legendary watch brand. Their watches are known for being exceptionally high quality, meticulously made, and intricately designed. This brand is incredibly well regarded among horology enthusiasts, which makes any Patek Philippe watch sell very well in the second hand market.

Other Luxury Watch Brands That Sell Well

Beyond those top three, there are a number of other luxury watch brands that are enduringly popular. This popularity ensures that market demand is always high for these brands. Let’s take a look at why these next seven watch brands remain in demand.


Omega has been a leading watch company for over 150 years. They’ve stayed at the forefront of the luxury watch market through their excellent craftsmanship and association with many historic events in pop culture. For example, Omega was the first watch worn on the moon and the brand is currently the official watch of James Bond.


Breitling watches are known for being both attractive and high performing. While Breitling has made many legendary watches, they are most well known for their aviation models.


IWC is a pioneer in the watch world. In addition to being known for their exceptional craftsmanship, they’re known for creating incredibly innovative designs.


Chopard is a Swiss watch brand known for its exacting standards. Each watch in their diverse portfolio performs impeccably, and as such is considered highly desirable.

Tag Heuer

Founded in 1860, Tag Heuer is known for its technical innovations and is considered a leading luxury watch brand for sports watches. While all watches from the brand are highly regarded, their models featuring mechanical movements tend to be the easiest to sell.

Jaeger LeCoultre

Jaeger LeCoultre is a luxury watch brand that’s perhaps best known for their innovative and legendary Reverso model, which has a unique reversible case. Though they’re best known for the Reverso, Jaeger LeCoultre has made many exceptional watches, including the incredibly intricate Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication.


Founded in 1874, Piaget is a brand that’s known for its high quality, and often highly creative, watches. Notably, they’ve created a number of ultra thin mechanical models, including their record breaking Altiplano Ultimate Concept, which is a mere 2mm high.


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