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Rolex is a pioneer luxury wristwatch brand that not only tells time but tells history. The complexity and quality behind their watches are definitely reasons as to their notoriety and prestige. However, each Rolex is distinctively unique and marked by its engraved serial number.

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The serial number of a Rolex watch is located on the band underneath the clock. We suggest using a push pin or needle to access the small band pin at the bottom of the lug. Once the pin is pushed in on both sides by the 6 o’clock marker, this portion of the band can be removed to access the engraved serial number. In 2005, the company began to engrave the number on the inner rim between the dial and crystal. Up until 2008, they’ve only engraved on this portion of the watch. Models of Rolex Watches from 2010 has the serial numbers engraved near the 6 o’clock display, as the image below shows.


This seven digit number begins with the number 1. Rolex has also begun incorporating the letters R, L, E, and X at the beginning of their serial numbers and more recently N, C, and S. While seasonal production dates have generally matched serial numbers in the past, as of 2010, Rolex has begun to randomize the use of letters and numbers. The serial number of a Rolex is important to take note of, as the official production date helps us determine its market value.

Although there is no official database of Rolex serial numbers on behalf of the company itself, information over the past years has been gathered and is included in a list as follows:

  • Random : 2010 (Summer) – Current
  • G000,001 : 2009 (Fall) – Current
  • V000,001 : 2008 (Fall)
  • M000,001 : 2007 (Fall)
  • Z000,001 : 2006 (Summer)
  • D000,001 : 2005 (Summer)
  • F000,001 : 2003 (Fall)
  • Y000,001 : 2002 (Fall)
  • K000,001 : 2001 (Fall)
  • P000,001 : 2000 (Winter)
  • A000,001 : 1999
  • U000,001 : 1997 (Summer)
  • T000,001 : 1995 (Summer)
  • W000,001 : 1995
  • S000,001 : 1993 (Fall)
  • C000,001 : 1992 (Winter)
  • N000,001 : 1991 (Fall)
  • X000,001 : 1991 (Fall)
  • E000,001 : 1990 (Summer)
  • L000,001 : 1989
  • R000,000 : 1987 (Summer)
  • 9,999,999 : 1987
  • 9,290,000 : 1986
  • 8,814,000 : 1985
  • 8,338,000 : 1984

A Rolex is an investment. The engineering behind this Swiss brand is built upon a foundation that will last a lifetime. Therefore, the buyback rate of a used Rolex is top notch. If you’re ready to part ways with your timepiece, sellmewatch is a premier online retailer to partner with in your authentic Rolex sale.