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It’s the age-old question that has tormented watch collectors for what seems like an eternity: should you purchase a vintage Rolex or a brand new one? We’ll start by saying that there really is no one correct answer, and whichever you choose you’ll probably end up making the right decision, considering at the end of the day the “right” answer is completely dependent on what you’re looking for. That being said, there are certainly pros and cons for each choice, and in this article, our team of experts at will go through some important points one should consider when evaluating if their next Rolex purchase should be vintage or brand new.

The first aspect to consider when trying to answer this elusive question of vintage or new is price and resale value. Although some vintage Rolex watches have collected so much value over the years due to demand that they are just as expensive (if not more expensive) than a new Rolex, the fact is that you are much more likely to find a Rolex that fits a smaller budget if you buy vintage. Due to the wide variety of Rolex watches made over the years, there is one at nearly every price point. (If the price seems to good to be true, however, then it probably is, so beware!) You also need to think about resale value. While many new Rolexes go through an initial period of depreciation before they begin collecting value again, this isn’t something you necessarily have to think about with a vintage Rolex. While it may happen slowly, a vintage Rolex will only rise in value, something that is appealing to many buyers.

Next, we continue on to a point which we touched on earlier which is the issue of authenticity and counterfeiting when it comes to vintage Rolexes. In the past few years especially, counterfeiters have gotten quite good at making replica Rolexes seem like real ones. So while there is a much higher chance of getting duped if you decide on vintage, you can also ensure that this doesn’t happen to you by doing your research. The most important factor here is to absolutely make sure that you are buying from a trusted retailer. Make sure you confirm that they are an actual business entity– give them a call, ask about the watch’s service history, ask for referrals, and check reviews on the Internet.

Buying a brand new Rolex is special in the sense that it is yours and only yours. There is nothing like the sparkle and shine of a freshly unboxed Rolex watch, and we’ll be the first to tell you that. In contrast, there is also something unique about a vintage Rolex in that it’s been on an adventure and now it’s ready to go a new adventure with you. A vintage Rolex speaks volumes about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each watch, evidencing that a Rolex always stays at peak functionality despite the number of years it has seen.  

Although any new Rolex is a work of art that’s a true treasure to own, there are indeed a limited number of models and variations when it comes to options with a new Rolex, leaving you with relatively few choices. Pin that against a vintage Rolex in which there are an endless amount of options that allow you to find the reference, color, model that is perfect for you and exactly what you are looking for.

As we said earlier, there really is no one correct answer when it comes to purchasing a new Rolex versus a vintage one. With a new Rolex, you get, well, a brand new Rolex that’s the ultimate passage of success and are purchasing something many people only dream of owning. With a vintage Rolex the purchasing process becomes more special as you have to do some research and digging, but when you find the perfect Rolex for you it all becomes worth it. Whichever one you decide, make sure you are making the right decision for yourself and you will end up with a one-of-a-kind watch from the world’s finest luxury watch company.