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Style, functionality and class, just a few benefits of the endless benefits provided by a sensational watch.  A quality watch is an investment that should be preserved and protected for years to come.  Failing to maintain the timeless class of a watch can result in a dirty, damaged and dysfunctional piece that no longer serves its purpose.  Maintain your watch to ensure it keeps perfect time and can be passed through generations of your family in the future.

Cleaning Your Watch

Most people have their jewelry, such as rings or earrings, cleaned by a professional.  Some even clean their precious pieces themselves.  Many overlook the importance of cleaning a watch.  Cleaning your watch after each wear can help to maintain its appearance.  Using a dry, soft cloth, wipe off its surfaces.  One time each week, use a mixture of warm, soapy water to wash rubber or metal bands to rid them of dirt and residues of lotions, oils, etc.  If your watch has a leather band, do not submerse the straps in soapy water.  To clean them, use a trusted leather cleaner as directed.

Be Conscious of Exposure

To prevent damage, don’t wear your watch while participating in physical activities.  Even the strongest of faces or most durable winding mechanisms can be compromised and vulnerable when coming in contact with hard surfaces and objects, such as tennis courts or golf balls.  Although your watch may be waterproof, limit its exposure to warm or hot water, especially for extended amounts of time.  The high temperature of the water can cause the watch’s gaskets to expand and contract.

Monitor Winding and Battery Changes

If your watch is mechanical, it should be wound each day.  When setting your mechanical watch, only turn the dial clockwise.  These two maintenance measure will ensure the accuracy of the timekeeping mechanisms of your watch.  For battery-operated watches, replace the dead batteries immediately to keep your watch in optimal condition.

Professionally Service Your Watch Regularly

Every three to five years, or when the batteries need replaced, take your watch to a professional jeweler to have it serviced.  This service requires the jeweler to take the watch apart in order to clean the inside and lubricate the gaskets.  If the face of the watch has been scratched, the jeweler can refinish it.  Any broken, warn or dysfunctional parts can be replaced and adjustments can be made the the band, if necessary.

Maintain the look and functionality of your watch to ensure it keeps time for years to come.