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Today, there’s really no need to wear a watch to keep the time, thanks to the omnipresence of smartphones. Yet, watches, and luxury watches, in particular, continue to thrive. So, what’s the reason for the enduring popularity of the luxury watch? It all comes down to craftsmanship, charm, style, and value.

The Appeal of Craftsmanship

When there are so many cheap options available, including the option of wearing no watch at all, why do so many people long for a luxury watch? A major reason is the appreciation of a luxury timepiece’s craftsmanship. Luxury watches are works of art. In particular, Swiss made movements are known for their impeccable movements and incredible quality. These watches are made by experts, of whom there are very few left in the world, and many people see great appeal in owning something so well crafted.

The Charm of Analogue Technology

As technology continues to advance, many people have found charm in older, analogue technology. This isn’t only true for watches— other analogue items like vinyl records and physical books have also experienced a resurgence in popularity. As we enter further into the digital age, it seems that more and more people find vast charm in analogue items, including finely crafted timepieces.

Luxury Watches and Luxe Style

Of course, when talking about the appeal of luxury watches, their style can’t be overlooked. A fine luxury watch simply has a different aesthetic than its digital counterpart. Luxury watches add immense style to the owner’s wardrobe. They add a classic, luxe touch. On top of that, fine watches are often seen as a status symbol, which certainly contributes to their style appeal.

The Value of the Luxury Watch

The last point we’ll cover here is the value of a luxury watch. Luxury timepieces, especially Swiss made ones from highly respected brands, hold their value incredibly well. Luxury watches have some of the highest resell values of any luxury good. The same can certainly not be said for digital watches, including smartwatches. These newer, non-analogue watches usually depreciate in value quite staggeringly. As digital technology rapidly advances, last year’s digital model (or even last business quarter’s digital model) is no longer desired, making them lose immense value on resale.

For luxury watches, however, the opposite is true. A fine luxury watch will hold its value well, and can even greatly increase in value if the watch is considered rare or highly collectible.

The Timeless Appeal of the Luxury Watch

There are many reasons why luxury watches remain so highly desired in the digital age. As time has shown, people simply appreciate these elegantly crafted timepieces. The luxury watch is here to stay.