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Sell My Rolex President Datejust

The Rolex President Datejust, primarily the Rolex Presidential collection is one of the company’s most iconic and luxurious models offering 18k gold and/ or platinum. Rolex introduced the first edition of the Rolex President watch to World War II General, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ever since then, it has become the ultimately luxury accessory.

The Rolex Presidential collection features the exclusive, “President Bracelet” that was first introduced in the mid 1950s. The president bracelet is Rolex’s premium option that is the design mix of the Oyster bracelet and the Jubilee. It is also designed with the top quality, Crownclasp, which is a clasp design to create a seamless effect throughout the band.

Overall, the Rolex President Datejust and the overall Rolex President line is highly sought after for its sophisticated and luxurious appeal. Here at SellmeWatch.com, we buy, sell, and trade pre-owned luxury watches. If you’re interested in selling your Rolex President Watch call 888-429-0888 or fill out our online form to get a quote.

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