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Whether it’s a Rolex Daytona, Cartier Tank, or any other high-end luxury watch you’ve decided you can’t live without, the next step is to find and purchase the watch. The single most important idea when buying luxury watches is to avoid buying a fake. With the uprising of counterfeits in the market; especially during the holidays, fakes are getting more and more convincing every day. Inexperienced buyers can be made to believe they’re getting a great deal on an authentic luxury watch, when in reality; they’re paying thousands of dollars for a fake. Fortunately, our expert team at has put together a list of things to research for and also avoid when purchasing a luxury watch.

Get a General Understanding of the Watch’s Market Value

The golden rule is this: if it’s too good to be true, then it’s a fake. Get an understanding of the watch’s value by looking at how much different retailers are selling the watch for. You can always ask for an explanation on the watches price, which should be based on the market demand and the condition of the watch. The variation in price should be no more than around a few hundred dollars, and while bigger bargains could certainly exist, more research should be done to avoid buying a counterfeit if this is the case, such as researching the seller.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Reference: 116520)

Research the Seller

Does the retailer have a long history selling authentic watches? Websites such as Yelp enable buyers to check reviews on retailers and their trustworthiness based on previous buyers’ experiences. It’s always better to buy a watch from a reputable seller than to take a risk on an extremely cheap price from a mysterious buyer. Reputable dealers will always offer some type of paperwork to guarantee the authenticity of a watch.

Certificate of Authenticity

Always ask the retailer for a certificate of authenticity. Every luxury watch should come with some type of paperwork or certificate of authenticity. While the best case scenario is to buy a watch that has the original paperwork, sometimes pre-owned luxury watches might not have the original paperwork and instead an assessment from a certified horologist. If it’s the second option, find out who the assessor is and do your research to make sure they are trusted.


The typeface of Cartier watches are distinct, well-defined, and consistent


Typeface, Weight, and Sound

Once you have gathered information on the watch’s price and paperwork, as well as on the seller, the final step is to examine the typeface, weight, and sound of the watch. While the weight and sound of the watch can only be looked at if you can view the watch in person, you can always examine the typeface by looking at detailed photos and comparing them pictures of the authentic version. The typeface of a Rolex, Cartier, or any other luxury watch is very distinct and has tiny details which allow for comparison. When examining type-face, pay special attention to size, shape, color, and sharpness.

Secondly, considering that counterfeit watches are made with cheaper materials, these materials are often a lot lighter than materials on an authentic luxury watch. While some collectors go as far as to see the weight on a scale, most buyers can feel the difference immediately.

Finally, the last step is to put the watch to your ear and listen. Authentic luxury watches have thousands of mechanisms to ensure that the watch functions in a smooth and silent manner. If the watch ticks and tocks during the sound test, that’s a red flag!

A luxury watch is a pricey investment that can cost you thousands if you buy a counterfeit. By following this set of steps when purchasing a luxury watch you put yourself in a much better position than the average buyer by making yourself aware of the main things to pay attention to. Now, it’s on you to make sure you do your research and ask the right questions!