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For a lot of watch enthusiasts and collectors, one of the main problems that can arise every now and then is finally admitting that it is time to make some room in your collection. 

The good news on this front, and something that we are sure you already know, is that there is a booming second-hand luxury watch market so if you want to sell and also have your eye on a replacement, you are not going to lack options. 

Playing the luxury watch market can often be like playing the stock market: it’s all about knowing when to make your move and going into the process with all of the best tips and tricks in your back pocket to help you get the best price. It goes without saying that you are not likely to get the original purchase price for your timepiece, but that does not mean that there aren’t amazing prices to be enjoyed.

Whether you have your eye on a vintage luxury watch or a collector’s timepiece that has come onto the market or you’re concerned about your finances in a climate of slow economic growth, selling at the right time takes skill and knowledge if you are going to realize the best value.

Here are five signs it’s time to sell your watch or you might look at it as being when is the right time to sell your watch. 

You Need The Money

If you have a chance to improve your situation by selling one of your watches, it’s worth considering as a viable option.

If you are currently in a financial pinch, there is no shame in making the decision to sell something of value to help with your mortgage payments. As marvelous as your watch collection might be, it is not as important as keeping a roof over your head, and depending on what watches you have, you can stand to make a considerable amount of ready cash

Many models from the leading luxury watch brands are huge sellers on the second hand market, and if you have any kind of special or limited edition model, then you will be very pleased with the figures that are suggested. 

The world in general is going through a tough economic time at the moment, so if you have the opportunity to ease your own circumstances a little by selling one of your watches, you should definitely consider it as an option.

The Value Has Recently Soared

One of the things that you should do as a watch collector and enthusiast is to keep track of the trends in the market to see if your specific watch is experiencing a rise in value. It helps to always have some idea of the general price range of your collection.

Value can go up and down according to lots of different factors, from the history of the brand to whether or not a superstar celebrity has been spotted wearing it on a red carpet. The market can be very fickle, so it can really pay off to pay close attention to the ups and downs.

We are not exaggerating when we say that any particular watch can double in second-hand value overnight if the circumstances are right, so it really depends on what you have and what people are on the hunt for! If the value of your watch has recently soared and the demand is incredibly high, we would recommend a sale because you never know what might affect it in the near future.

Your Taste In Watches Has Evolved

If you have a watch in your collection that no longer holds your interest or is rarely worn, selling it can be a smart financial move that boosts your bank balance.

Watches are just like clothing, music, movies and everything else, in the sense that your taste and preferences will almost certainly change and evolve over time. The things that you liked when you were 20 are not going to be the same as the things that you like when you are 30. If you have a watch in your collection that you just don’t wear anymore or are bored with, it makes perfect financial sense to sell it and give your bank balance a little boost. 

Just because the watch in question is out of your favor, it doesn’t mean that somebody else won’t have it as their number one item on their wish list, so make the effort to list it online or at an auction house and it will undoubtedly be snapped up by somebody who sees it as an attractive investment or long-awaited addition to their collection.

It doesn’t make much sense to have a luxury watch sitting in your drawer gathering dust if it doesn’t bring you any pleasure as an owner. Sell it on and let somebody else enjoy it in the same way that you used to!

You Want An Upgrade

If you are in the mood to upgrade your luxury watch collection, then the best thing to do is sell one or two of the pieces that you don’t consider to be among your favorites anymore. More than any other accessories you own, you are much more likely to get a good price for your second-hand luxury watches compared to simple jewelry pieces, so take advantage of the collateral that you have in your possession and use your old watches to give you the cash to get the new models you would prefer.

The general rule of thumb in situations like this is that if you can’t afford to buy a new watch without making a big dent in your savings, then the more sensible thing to do is use an old watch to get some cash to help pay for the new investment.

It Was Passed Down To You And You Don’t Want It

If you know that you are not going to benefit from a watch in an aesthetic sense, you can certainly benefit from it in a financial sense instead!

Of course, it may be the case that you have come into possession of a luxury watch that you don’t actually want to wear or to keep in the first place. Watches are a very common item to be passed down the generations in wills and more informal agreements within families and close friends, but if you have been left a luxury timepiece that you don’t want to keep, then the best thing to do is find an appropriate place to sell it to make the best amount of money. 

We can guarantee that there will be plenty of watch enthusiasts out there who will be more than happy to take the watch off your hands, so if you know that you are not going to benefit from it in an aesthetic sense, you can certainly benefit from it in a financial sense instead.

If you can recognize some of these signs and think that the time has come to sell a precious watch of your own, then visit the Sell Me Watch website where you can enjoy a simple, hassle-free process.  From Rolex to Patek Philippe and most of the other luxury watch brands, we can provide you with a fair and robust quote for whatever kind of timepiece you are looking to sell.